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Vertical Form Fill Seal Solution

Balanced Coil Technologies is the nationwide Vertical – Form – Fill – Seal solution provider for Fortress Technology metal detection systems.

Metal Detector

Our vertical metal detection systems exclusively use the Fortress Technology Vertex metal detector.

Vertex Metal Detector Specs

  • DSP Technology
  • Automatic Balance
  • Simple Setup
  • High Sensitivity
  • Automatic and Manual Test
  • Auto Test feature reduces testing costs
  • Multi-Product Storages
  • Flash Memory

Mounting System

Balanced Coil Technologies does not just supply a frame; we supply a fully functional mounting system that incorporates the production and sanitation requirements common to V/F/F/S applications.

Frame Specifications

  • StainlessSteel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Bead Blasted / Clear Powder Coated Finish
  • Integrated Mechanical Ground
  • Bearing Block Pivot
  • Production and Sanitation Positions


The OIT (Operator Interface Terminal) is identical to the Fortress Phantom line of metal detectors. Simple to use, no complicated terminology.

BCT integrates the reject/interface requirements to the application-using top of the line components.

Popular Reject Sequences

  • Latching Reset (Reset button)
  • Horn
  • Stack Light
  • Double Bag
  • Reject Counter